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Fast growing national sales company seeking associates

How does this business work?

  • What if I don’t have a sales background?
  • Will I receive support and training?
  • What would I actually be doing?

This business has been designed so that ANYONE with a sincere desire for success can do it – regardless of background or experience. This is a business about showing, not selling. Marketing the plan of GFA is about increasing the client’s bottom line and putting more of their profits in their pocket… you’ll more than likely find your efforts directed more at educating and explaining the service rather than convincing people to buy something they feel they may not need. Regardless of your background or education level, this is a business that can work for you. Anyone who wants to succeed.

How can I make money with this opportunity?
A number of options are available to you as a GFA Associate to increase your income – either on a part-time or full-time basis. GFA allows you to make money with a concept and an industry that has been proven what an excellent business opportunity it is for over 30 years. You can receive commission payments daily after sale is completed. You receive commissions for every sale you make!

Tools that you receive
Sales presentation, business cards, Sales Training material about industry, conference training one on one, sales meeting via internet.

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