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Wireless Terminals


Vx 670

The Vx 670 is the world's smallest all-in-one wireless handheld payment device. Built with Purpose-inspired design – with the end user in mind – the Vx 670 is a radical revolution at hand! The PCI PED approved Vx 670 is a small, sleek, and secure handheld payment device designed specifically for wireless, customer-facing payment. VeriFone's patent-pending MAXui design provides the largest user interface in the smallest form factor with a large, white backlit display and large blue backlit keys. In addition, its purpose inspired design focused on real world usage is rugged, drop-resistant, and spill-resistant to hold up to the most demanding conditions.



Vx 610

The Vx 610 is a portable powerhouse–a battery-powered payment device with exceptional performance and high-end functionality. It uses the latest wireless technologies – WiFi, CDMA, and GPRS – and has advanced security with PCI PED approval.
VeriFone's PCI PED approved Vx 610 is a wireless solution that delivers blazing performance, high-end functionality, and exceptional ease of use–without tying customers to a fixed location. It brings the point of sale to the point of service. For example, merchants can instantly open an extra lane or support an outdoor market.



Nurit 8000

The NURIT 8000 is a PCI PED approved secure handheld solution and the best selling wireless payment device in the world. This lightweight device enables fast, secure, error-free transactions for merchants on the go. The NURIT 8000 is an ultra-flexible wireless payment device used in a large variety of vertical market applications as a fast and efficient means of achieving increased and diverse revenue.



Lipman 8000

The smallest full-featured hand-held terminal available today with wireless technology allowing mobile connectivity. Backlit keyboard and large easy-to-read backlit display with optional touch screen interface makes learning and operating easy. Customer-activated operation means consumers hang onto their cards. Built-in PIN pad and optional smart card reader protects both you and your customers. Optional Infra-Red (IrDa) port. Can handle multiple payment types: credit, debit, T&E, EBT, check verification, guarantee and truncation, pre-paid cards, loyalty/gift cards, smart cards and proprietary cards.