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CR 600

VeriFone CR 600

The VeriFone CR 600 Check Reader provides reliability and ease-of-use to your point of sale. The VeriFone CR600 also helps you reduce risk associated with bad checks and fraud.

While checks offer your customers another option in paying for goods or services, they also expose you to risks. The VeriFone CR 600 can help by reducing your exposure to fraud and bad checks.

VeriFone CR 600 Check Reader Highlights

  • Training employees to use the VeriFone CR 600 takes only minutes!
  • Increased data accuracy and enhanced check authorization save time and money.
  • Reduces check fraud at the point-of-sale.
  • Runs self-diagnostics and correctly identifies problems at a touch of a button.
  • Reliably reads checks on the first pass.
  • Horseshoe design takes up less counterspace.
  • Accurate first-pass reads – even on folded or crumpled checks.
  • Pass through port requires fewer cable connections.
  • Remote partial and full downloading allows the unit to remain on-site.
  • Fast check-reading capabilities makes check transactions as convenient as credit card sales.
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